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SongLyricist.com is a free educational and opportunity resource for aspiring song lyricists, song poets and songwriters.

With the generous assistance from some of America's most successful song lyricists, SongLyricist.com provides helpful songwriting tips, leads and articles on all aspects of the art and craft of lyric writing.

SongLyricist.com provides:

  • Up-to-date information on the art and business of song and lyric writing.
  • Tips, articles and advice to help song lyricists connect with the music industry.
  • Opportunities to get feedback on your songs from music-industry professionals.
  • Links to lyricists, songwriters, musicians, publishers & recording artists!


  • Networking opportunities in the music industry.
  • Free Lyricist Listings to help you meet song and lyric writing collaborators & music-industry contacts
  • Educational resources to help you learn about the art, craft & business of lyric writing and songwriting

The mission of SongLyricist.com is to help song lyricists develop their craft and find opportunities in the music business.

Song lyricists who understand the music industry will have a better chance of succeeding. That's why ambitious lyricists wishing to market their songs will want to learn whatever they can about the music industry.

This process takes time and diligence. And nobody else is likely to do it for you, at least until you prove your ability and worth.

That said, if you have the talent and motivation necessay to be a song lyricist, SongLyricist.com can help you develop your craft and find opportunities in today's competitive music industry.

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